Material : 9k White Gold


Weight of Ring : 5.9 grams

Gemstone : Moissanite

Cut : Pear

Colour : Greenish Blue

Clarity : Moderately Included

Quantity /Carat Weight Total : 1/4.193ct

Gemstones 2: Diamonds

Cut : Round

Quantity /Carat Weight Total : 6/0.12ctw

Widest Width at Top of Band : 8.72mm

Thinnest Width at Bottom of Band : 2mm

Dimensions of Setting on Shank : 15.6mm x 9.85mm

 Size : 7.75(P or 17.9mm inside diameter)

*You will receive a Gemstone Appraisal certificate for the Moissanite*

*CD DESIGNER* 4.193ct Pear Moissanite and Diamond Ring in 9k White Gold

R16 000,00Price